I'm super passionate about minimalism, abundance-thinking and making my contribution to a beautiful future in which we live consciously, are happy + live in a wonderful symbiosis with planet Earth. Equal left brain + right brain, I try to spend my days creating that very future. With ADAY I'm doing what I'm here to do - as ex gymnast with a passion for creating a conscious brand that impacts people. More here.

ADAY is a fast growing direct-to-consumer brand creating clothing that allows you to do more with less - a wardrobe of beautiful, technical essentials. Our mission is to lift the standard for clothing by fusing minimal, seasonless shapes with technical fabrics, all made with a huge focus on sustainability and conscious consumption.

We were named one of the Most Innovative Companies in the World 2010 by Fast Company and have been featured in Vogue, Forbes, Refinery29, Conde Nast Traveler, Financial Times, Fast Company, Vogue, NYMag, Well+Good, WWD, Entrepreneur, Cool Hunting etc.

I was also named Forbes 30 under 30 and included in the OMR Top 50 Marketing Minds list. I'm an advocate of intentional design, minimalism, capsule dressing + building a brand that cares. I've spoken at ReMode, Girlboss, Glossy Forum, EDITIONS, Fast Tech Forum and a number of direct-to-consumer, brand building + sustainability-focused events.

At ADAY, I hold Product + Brand close to my heart. Find me overseeing and hugely caring about all things Product, Brand, Storytelling, Brand Marketing, Social Media, Partnerships, Community, Fundraising, Finance + Investor Relations.

I'm an Angel Investor and have three awesome investments in consumer brands & food.

Before ADAY, I was at Index Ventures working with e-comm, consumer internet and SaaS businesses, board observing at Secret Escapes, EDITD amongst others, and working with inspiring entrepreneurs. My work at Index inspired me to give a lecture at London College of Fashion and pursue a Central Saint Martins Sportswear Design course. Before Index I spent two years at Goldman Sachs in London working in M&A where I met my co-founder Meg. I declined my spot at Harvard Business School to start ADAY.



Index Ventures Early stage investing working with awesome startups like Secret Escapes, EDITD, Trustpilot, King.com (CandyCrush), focusing on Consumer Internet, Fashion, Germany, UK, Scandinavia, building a ton of knowledge about e-commerce metrics, wearable technology, marketing and conversion, digital platforms and app marketing

Goldman Sachs Natural Resources, UK, Germany, Emerging Markets.

For fundraising 101 check out my London College of Fashion lecture