OH HEY THERE :) / by Nina Faulhaber


When I was young, I was an athlete, competing in Gymnastics on state level, and I also tried every sport I could think of from horseback riding to rugby. 

But then as a grown up non-athlete quote-on-quote “career woman” I found it so hard to keep up with my active habits. This was because I’m a pretty stereotypical 87-born nomadic millennial: I started my life in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs in London accumulating airmiles on sleepless flights between London, New York, Frankfurt and Istanbul – then left to pursue my dreams in the Digital world. 

Now I’m traveling on aforementioned airmiles and bedsetting between AirBnBs and friends’ couches, launching a brand in NYC from London with manufacturing in Portugal, LA and elsewhere. And somewhere long before this along my way I have realized that being active and working out has always been my primary source of energy. So I made it my mission to constantly find ways to bake it into my life wherever whenever.