Fast Co’s 9 big design trends of 2019 / by Nina Faulhaber

Got to contribute a trend to Mark Wilson’s big 2019 design trends <3


“Fueled by the recent IPCC special report, natural disasters demonstrating the severity of human-caused climate change, and a lack of action by the U.S. government, apparel brands and consumers will take action. Consumers will be more aware of the negative effects of overconsumption and more people will aim to reduce their wardrobes to fewer items. Brands will design better products and invest in sustainability and circularity. Patagonia and H&M are just two examples of that.

“Product design will become more conscious, and designers will design for quality and longevity, as opposed to trends. Consumer insights will be leveraged to design with the customer in mind from the get-go in order to reduce overproduction. A focus on functionality, comfort, and great design will provide garments with greater versatility. Apple has led the way in technology in simplifying products while increasing their performance, and similarly in fashion, companies will focus on simplicity and removing excess details, while increasing the poetry. Beautiful design will give customers a feeling of delight and joy for the fewer pieces they own. In spite of owning fewer things, individuals will do more, and so will the clothing they wear.”

Mark Wilson’s full article is here