Inside Out Feature / by Nina Faulhaber

Enjoyed talking to the talented Alison Beckner about her fun questions about my “genesis story”, a lot of the original inspiration for ADAY and whom I admire (Yvon Choinard @ Patagonia, obvs):

Hey! I'm Nina. I believe in abundance. To me this starts with an abundance mindset where we strive for increasing the pie rather than competing for it. It’s all about the attitude and every micro-action can have positive impact. So in short this means I like to smile at strangers and strive to leave every person I touch feeling more positive than before our encounter.

I'm also passionate about a more conscious, minimal way of living. From the clothing I wear, to an essentialist attitude of planning my time.

I deeply care about making a contribution to a beautiful future in which we’re happy, live consciously and in symbiosis with planet Earth.

I’m equal left brain + right brain and love to stimulate the visual sense as much as numbers. With ADAY I'm doing what I'm here to do as an ex-gymnast with a passion for creating a brand that impacts people.

Read the feature here xx